merry christmas, dumbass.

M and I went to the gym, an hour’s drive from my parents’ house, today and I lifted weights for the first time in approximately four months. On the way home, I bragged about how I hadn’t lost much strength during this time of rapid calorie consumption.

A few hours later, I noticed that my forearms and elbows were weak, and that my pinky fingertips were a little numb. Thanks to WebMD, I diagnosed myself with lupus, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, and proceeded to relay all of this to M.

My husband, bless his heart, gently reminded me that I had lifted more weight in the past day than I had in literal months, and my muscles were fatigued, and kissed me on the forehead before leaving to pour himself a drink.

Considering how frequently this happens, I’m honestly surprised that most of his responses don’t end with him saying “…dumbass.”

Merry Christmas, y’all.

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